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What do you want to see next?

May 17, 2008 at 5:43 AM

I need feedback about what you want to see next on GeoTwitter, I'll be adding this features, what order do you want?

  • Load each persons image into the map ,right now is just to input your position.
  • Add the option to follow people like Twitter.
  • Add user profiles.
  • Change look and feel, right now looks just like MVC, as I borrowed that css and master page.
  • History per user on their geo location, so you can see their routes. Good for stalking? ;-)
  • Ping user, like twitter.
  • Reply to user, like Twitter
  • Mobile viewer for iPhone and other mobile users.
  • Desktop task bar application to track your changes and locations.
  • IP based location.
  • Mobile device GPS location to geotwitter.